7 Important Tips on how to write an essay
How to write an essay

7 Important Tips on how to write an essay

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Tips that will let you write essays in an effective manner.

Here we are going to discuss how to write an essay in an effective manner. Now what does the word “effective” means? Effective here means nothing but writing in a way that the piece of work keeps its essence by closely relating it to the subject matter. 

A mighty 3000 words essay may not meet the purpose when it is not written in an effective manner.


 As per Harvard College writing Centre Writing an academic essay means fashioning a coherent set of ideas into an argument.

Essays must be written in a way that makes sense to the reader.Therefore we will be discussing some key points here that make the writing effective.


The introduction of an essay is very important. It should be an impressive one that generates a sense of curiosity among its readers. It can be started with a fact, a quote or a bold statement that is closely related to the topic. These are also called hook statements.

Introduction should create a sense of eagerness to the readers to go through the whole topic. It should contain the introduction of the topic, history or background so that a structure of the essay can be created.

Body Copy and Subject Matter or Context

The essay should be discussing the main context or subject matter. It should never be out of context, otherwise it will derail the excitement created by introduction. We should discuss facts and figures that are closely related to the topic. Discussing unnecessary things and giving vague data can only fetch the wrath of the readers. 

The body copy of an essay is a place where the writer has to connect different points and co-relate them in a manner so that the essay will be developed in a structured way.


The conclusion of an essay is of utmost importance. It gives meaning to the whole document. It should be as impressive as the opening statement. As far as possible we have to take a stand and try to end the topic with a positive note. 

Conclusions matter because it gives the lasting impression on the reader.

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Key points to avoid while writing an essay:

1. Do not use long sentences, because it leaves the scope of error . We should use short and crisp sentences that make sense. Use of long sentences and heavy words makes the essay lose its essence.

2.We should not deviate from the substance or context of the essay. All our writings should be near to the crux of the matter.

3. As far as possible one has to avoid making the essay ornamental.

4. Avoid being pessimistic in the essay. 

5. Try not to incorporate informal language or terms in the essay. 

6. If exact data is not known avoid using it or always use prefixes like approx or about.

7. If more than one option is given to write an essay, always choose the one in which one has deep knowledge. In essay writing it is important to write to the point rather than discussing irrelevant ideas which seems to be beating around the bush.

More importantly one should give some time to planning the structure of the essay and brainstorming the key ideas. A planned work always gives good results. It’s important to write down some key points in a rough sheet so that it can be utilised in developing the essay.

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